A second new start

I turned 45 a few days ago and I need a new start. I’ll try to be more regular at posting. I got a new camera today so I’m hoping for interesting things to look at as well as interesting things to read. No picture today since I need to take some interesting pictures first!

My husband keeps busy with 2 and sometimes 3 jobs. He just signed on to be in our local theater production in December. He likes bow ties now. He’s busier than ever too.

Our oldest son is a sophomore at college and he is now fully a real live college student. He is fully into the college life and seems to have things figured out well.

Son number 2 is a Senior in high school. He shattered his collarbone in a few pieces jumping off a parade float(yes, a parade float) on Labor Day. He had surgery 2 days later and is doing well now. His soccer season sadly was over at that point but he’s handling it well.

Our youngest is an 8th grade girl. She plays volleyball and plays the clarinet in the marching band. She’s very busy. Still loves her mom still and that makes me very happy.

Things are moving slowly on the quilt front on account of a new job which is taking lots of time away from fun activities like quilting. I’m trying to have a hand piecing project to take with me but I often feel self conscious so I don’t work on it as much as I could. I need to get over that now that I’m 45!

So, a new start on blogging and projects since I’m closer to 50 than I ever was before. We’ll see how it goes. I’m saddled by the same issues I’ve had for 44 years but you can only try, try again! I even learned how to tweet! My kids are duly impressed. Moving forward now!


We dropped off our son at college this weekend. He is our oldest and this is our first time doing that. Now, when I say we dropped him off, we did. But the university is only 3 miles from our house. It still was sad for me. I know that lots of other mothers were dropping their kids off and won’t see them for months. I, on the other hand, will probably see him every Sunday at church at the minimum. It’s really not about that for me. It’s really about him moving on, needing me less and less. He’ll have to make his own decisions, fight his own battles and make his own way. Did we prepare him enough? Did we teach him all he needs to know? Will he make good decisions? I guess that is all to be seen. There is this moment of sheer terror that feels like you won’t have any more impact on his life. I know that is not true but more and more he’ll need us less and less. My husband keeps telling me to give him wings. I’m trying but it is painful. I did get to see him today though, when I dropped off some things he needed. I don’t know how it’s possible but I think he matured in the 4 days he’s been gone. How is that possible? He seemed calm and excited at the same time. It was nice to see he wasn’t frazzled. He seems to like college so far. Classes begin tomorrow. I guess the rubber meets the road then. I’m trying to give him wings but I don’t think anyone ever told me that it would feel like you are losing part of yourself, your purpose at the same time. I guess in time, it will feel more natural. In the mean time, it makes me happy and sad that he’s doing so well, not needing me as much. I guess that’s what being a mom is.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving All.

It isn’t really a cliche.  We really do have so much to be thankful for.  Our pastor reminded us on Sunday that it should be a daily, always kind of thing.  I agree.  I have been trying to be more mindful of all the little blessings I have recieved this week.   Some of the small things that I am thankful for:  my dog Max who keeps me company by guarding the blue plaid chair all day long; the way we can see the stars here in the country in a way we never could in the city; our porch and addirondack chairs where my husband and I try to sort out the troubles of life or just enjoy a cup of coffee and the sunset; a quiet afternoon sewing listening to the machine whhhirrrr;  listening to the kids laugh or better yet laughing with them;  having a husband who cares what I do and doesn’t care what I don’t do.  So many more things…   so thankful.


Life and a quilt

My sister-in-law was here recently and I was able to give her a quilt for our new niece. It was the first baby quilt I’ve ever made and I’ve been quilting for 15 years. Funny, right? Most people start small and work their way up to a bigger quilt. I’ve done lots of big ones and small ones but no baby quilts. My mom often makes quilts for babies that we know so I’ve not needed to but she’s far away on a big trip and so I was the one here to make it for my niece. I’ll post it soon. It is a zig zag quilt in blue and yellow with ducks on the back.

I am looking for a job as a nurse. The economy has soured even the nursing profession. I sent an application today to a job that is not ideal but maybe it could work. The Lord knows and will provide as we need.

A new start

Hi, I finally took the plunge and decided to blog. All the cool people are doing it and I figure I have as much drivel as anyone else. I like to quilt, take pictures, hike, be with my family, go out to eat and lots of other things. This is just to see if I really made a post about something. Think it’ll work?